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Please look at the profiles of potential participants. It will help you to find people who are working in similar research fields and to recognize each other during the conference easily.

Vladimir Jurišić

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jurisic, Internal Medicine specialist, is chief of Scientific projects in Serbia, entitled "A molecular, biochemical and immune diagnosis of tumors." Since one of the goals in medical science is reducing use of radioactive nuclides, he actively works to replace the radioactive method for the study of NK cells with other modern techniques such as flow cytometry and application in molecular diagnostics.
Maurizio Sessa

Second Univeristy of Naples, Department of Experimental Medicine, Naples, Italy. Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology Regional Centre - Campania Region - Italy. Aalborg University - Department of health, science and technology
Maria de Lurdes Dinis

Professor at the Mining Engineering Department in Porto University. Since 1999 she has been working with radionuclides from the uranium mining, developing mathematical models to simulate their dispersion, transport and fate. Lately she has been involved in the assessment of occupational exposure. Doctoral and a Master degrees in Environmental Engineering from Porto University and a graduation of 5 years in Mining Engineering.
Alexander Mladenov

Head of Radiation Safety Department Radiation protection
Ziyafer Gizem Portakal

Radiation Physics, Dosimetry, Medical Physics
Goran Sevo

Born and live in Belgrade. Employment: Institute for Gerontology. Medical degree and specialization in epidemiology (Belgrade Uni), PhD and Masters in Biological anthropology (ANU, Canberra). Current work concerns establishing a cohort of individuals who received X-irradiation as a part of ringworm treatment in Serbia during 1950s to be used for investigation of late health consequences of this therapeutic protocol which used to represent a standard of care and was considered safe at the time.
Vladimir Shvartz

Natasa Todorovic

Dr Nataša Todorović from University of Novi Sad, Nuclear Physics Group is Associate Professor on Nuclear Physics since 2010. Main research fields are related to Low level alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy with applications in different research fields. She is author of 45 papers in CC journals (27 during last 5 years, 2010-2014), author of 1 book, co-author of 5 contributions in books, and more than 60 contributions in other journals, books or conference proceedings.
Jovan Šetrajčić

Academician, Prof. Dr. Jovan P. Šetrajčić was born: 1951 in Novi Sad, Vojvodina - Serbia. Working at Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, since 1975, teaching Biophysics and courses related with Theoretical Physics and Material Science, supervising: over 70 BSc, 7 MSc and 9 PhD theses. Field of research is Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics (superconductivity and nanostructure modeling). He has over: 400 papers, 400 reports, 40 monographs and 50 books.
Manjola Shyti

I work at the Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics, University of Tirana, Albania, in the field of gamma spectrometry for environmental measurements. I have done my PhD studies for this field in Italy about 4 years ago. I am also expert of radiation protection and shieldind calculation too in my country.
Maryam Pourkaveh

My name is Maryam Pourveh,MSc field medical physics.Iam working in school of Para medicine, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. The objective of this study is survey of the awareness level of working doctors and medical students in Hamadan province concerning medical response and preparedness in nuclear accidents.
Apostol Andrei

I am a scientific research assistant in IFIN-HH, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania. I dedicated my carrier to research and development in the field of relatively new science called Nuclear Forensics. In our institute I am working on new methods for characterisation of nuclear materials (actinides) using gamma spectrometry and charged particles accelerators. The obtained results are applicable for combating of illicit trafficking and non-prolifiration of nuclear material.
Monika Simjanoska

I am a PhD student in Computer Science, particularly working in the field of Bioinformatics and Cloud Computing. My research is focused on the development of intelligent system for colorectal cancer recognition based on Machine Learning techniques. I am experienced with gene expression data, biomarkers discovery, classification systems creation and development of tools in Cloud.
Sudhir Mittal

Working in the field of Radiation Physics and Register for PhD in Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. My work is on : Natural radionuclides by by using gamma ray spectrometry. Indoor radon and thoron concentration. Concentration of radon in water and soil samples by using RAD7 technique
Ramazan LÖK

Radiation Physics, Dosimetry, MOS and MosFET, İ am working Abant İzzet Baysal University Center of Nuclear Radiation Detector Research and Applications in Turkey
Gabriela CIOBANU

Professor PhD. Margareta Gabriela CIOBANU; „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi,Romania; Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection; Department of Organic, Biochemical and Food Engineering. Research on biomaterials. Author of 9 books and more than 100 papers in refereed journals.
Serkan Akkoyun

I have my Ph.D. degree in nuclear physics in Turkey. I am working at Cumhuriyet University in Turkey as an associate professor. My research topics are nuclear structure, gamma spectroscopy, photonuclear reactions and artificial neural netoworks.

Associate professor, Head of the Radiation Biology Department. Research activity: ● Elucidation of Genetics mechanisms of different type of stress factors influence on plants and human health. • Radio ecological monitoring of the natural and manmade radionuclide using spectrometry and radiometry analysis. • Biological dozimetry. • Medical and biological effects of the exposure to ionizing radiation. • DNA polymorphism.
Mostafa Mostafa

Dec 2005-Apr 2010 demonstrator in physics department minia univesity Egypt -( May 2007-Jan 2010) MSc in radiation physics at minia univesity Egypt ( STUDY ON RADON AND RADON PROGENY IN INDOOR AIR) April 2010 untill now Assistant Lecture in physics department minia univesity Egypt Sep2013 till now Ph.D. student in experimental physics depertment Ural Federal University - Yekaterinburg - Russia (primary standard source of radon)
Vijay Singh

Dr. Vijay K. Singh is currently a tenured Professor at F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, and a Scientist at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. He is a well-recognized scientist in the area of Radiation Biology. His research interests have focused on the development of radiation countermeasures. He has published 130 peer reviewed research articles in reputed journals. He is well-funded by US funding agencies.
Soumaya Boujemaa

I am Ph.D Student in the Faculty of sciences in Rabat Morrocco,The medical dosimetry research group from laboratory of high physics energies modeling and simulation, about my thesis work is the quality control in mammography,in the objective to perform to evaluate the image quality that can make the best diagnosis for an estimate of detectability of lesions using a minimal dose.
Sung-Kyun Park

I am working as a senior researcher in KOMAC (KOrea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex), the branch institute of KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute). I had a PhD in the hadron physics at the florida state university three years ago. I has studied the beam dynamics and designed the RFQ in KOMAC during the first two years. From the last year, I has worked in the radiation safety team of KOMAC and researched the way to prove that our institute is safe from any kinds of radiations.

I am a Nuclear and Health Physicist of SSDL, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission now working as a Research Professor at Kyungpook National University, South Korea. My field of interest is mainly on therapy level radiation dosimetry and photo-nuclear technologies for the fundamental studies of excited nucleus using high energy linear accelerator.

My Research Subjects are Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Medicine
Anna Suponkina

The area of my interests: radiobiology, nuclear physics, biotechnology.
Mukesh Prasad

Dr. Mukesh Prasad completed his Ph.D in Physics on the topic "Study of radiation exposure due to indoor radon, thoron and progeny in the normal and high background radiation areas" from H.N.B Garhwal University, India.At present he is working as Guest Assistant Professor in H.N.B Garhwal University.
Amilcar L. Antonio

Research interests: Food irradiation, dosimetry, physical properties of foods. Research group: Publications:
Mehmet Yüksel

Institution:Çukurova University Arts-Sciences Faculty, Physics Department, Adana, TURKEY Scientific Interests: Radiation Dosimeters (TLDs, OSLDs), Radiation Physics, Radiation Protection,Medical physics
Olivera Ciraj-Bjelac

Research professor in Radiation and environmental protection department of Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia and Associated professor at School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. More than 20 years of experience in the area of medical physics, in particular in dosimetry and radiation protection in medicine. Author of more than 50 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals and two book chapters.
Dr. Javed Mahmood

I am an Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore (UMB), USA. I did PhD in Biochemistry from Hokkaido University, Japan and post-doctoral fellowship in Molecular Oncology, Ontario Cancer Institute of Toronto University, Canada. My lab`s research focus at UMB, USA under Translational Radiation Sciences on Prostate cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Lung cancer and radiation-induced erectile dysfunction.
Mustafa Topaksu

Institution:Çukurova University Arts-Sciences Faculty Physics Department, Adana, TURKEY Scientific Interests: Radiation Dosimeters (TLDs, OSLDs), Radiation Physics, Radiation Protection
Magdalena Długosz-Lisiecka

Dr Magdalena Długosz-Lisiecka-Radiation Protection Officer. I’m working at Technical University of Lodz in Applied Radiation Chemistry. My region of interest is environmental radioactivity measurment by using alpha, beta and gamma spectrometry. I participate in monitoring of radiation situation in the air and I realize radioecological projects.
Vladimir Udovičić

Dr Vladimir Udovičić, Senior research associate, is head of Low-background Laboratory for Nuclear Physics at the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade. His research interest are: light-ion induced nuclear reactions obtained by electrical discharges, low-level gamma spectroscopy, radon (policy, action plan, mapping) and cosmic-ray physics.
Florian Mandija post-doc at Department of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Shkodra, Albania. The principal direction of investigation is Atmospheric Physics, especially Aerosol Research.
Dr. Abd Elmoniem Ahmed Elzain Abd Elwahab

Researcher and Associate Professor in Physics(2010). Phys. Department, University of Kassala, Sudan(1995-2010); Physics Department, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia(2010 to now). Research interest: Radon and Radium Monitoring; Radiation protection and risk assessment; Radiation Measurements; Nuclear physics; Nuclear Shielding; Health and Medical Physics; Radiation Dosimetery; Radio-Ecology. Attended and Participated in 11 Conferences, more than 15 peers reviewed papers, 5 books in preparation.
Julie Haglund

Medical physicist, Sweden; nuclear medicine, PET/CT, radiation protection in hospital
Martin Hauer-Jensen, MD, PhD

Director of the Division of Radiation Health at UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas. His research focuses on normal tissue radiation injury. He has more than 200 publications and has received many honors and awards, including a MERIT Award from the National Cancer Institute. He has been Chair of the Radiation Study Section of the NIH, a consultant on radiological emergencies to the WHO, and is a council member of the NCRP. He is the current President of the Radiation Research Society.
Slobodan Todosijević

I am a PhD student at the Department of Nanoelectronics and Photonics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, engaged in research in the field of photoacoustics. My work group in the field of photoacoustics comprises of only five people. We have developed good theoretical models and we are on the right path to develop a method for photoacoustic characterization of materials.
Maryam Malek Mohammadi

I’m a M.Sc. nuclear physics student.My scientific researches are focused on performance testing of dosimetry systems based on IEC standards.Furthermore, I’m interested in some theorical subjects such as the calculations of transition levels in radioactive decays.
Judith Pena DEMBO

PhD student at the Lithosphere Fluid Research Lab, Department of Petrology and Geochemistry, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Eötvös University (ELTE) Budapest. Researching on indoor Radon and Thoron
Petr Miklyaev

Prof. Russian Academy of Sciences. Environmental science, radioactivity rocks and soils, environmental radioactivity. Radon in the subsoil air.
Tatiana Petrova

Dr. Moscow State University. radiochemistry, radiation protection, dosimetry, gamma spectrometry, radioactivity of the environment.
Prof. Mauro Valente, PhD.

Prof @ Univ. of Cordoba Argentina. Member of Nat. Council of Science Argentina. Prof @ Univ. de La Frontera, Chile. Head of "Laboratorio de Investigación e Instrumentación en Física Aplicada a la Medicina e Imágenes de Rayos X UNC & Inst. Phys. E. Gaviola - CONICET, Argentina. Topics & background: Medical physics, radiation physics, advanced dosimetry.
Dr. Madhavi Thakurdesai

Dr. Madhavi Thakurdesai is working as an Associate Professor at Thin Film Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, Birla College, Kalyan.Her research is focused mainly on synthesis of nanostructured thin films using Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation. She has done extensive work on TiO2 thin films. One of her research areas is to develop nano structured chalcogenide thin films for photovoltaic applications. She has also developed rare earth doped TiO2 nanocomposites.
Tu Nguyen

I am a member of Vietnam Association for Medical Physic (VAMP). At the moment, I am working as Medical physicist at People’s Hospital 115, HCMC, Vietnam and I’m the lecturers at the Department of Physics, University of Sciences-Vietnam National University HCMC.
Ayse Zehra AROGUZ

Peoffessor at Istanbul University, chemistry Dept. Physical chemistry division. Reseach areas are nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology, polymer blends, drug delivery systems, adsorption.
Ivan Iliev

I was born in 1987 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. I study for PhD in Sofia University. My bachelor degree is Engineering Physics and my master - Wireless Network and Devices. For more than 5 years, in parallel to my studying, I work for Theta-Consult Ltd. as a physics engineer in radiation protection. My research is in the area of radiation measurements, from a distance, using wireless technology.
Luminita Moraru

Dr. Luminita Moraru is Ph.D Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Environment at Dunarea de Jos University of Galati. She obtained her BSc degree in 1986 from University of Bucharest and Ph.D in 1997 from Dunarea de Jos University of Galati. Her areas of interest are statistical pattern recognition and medical imaging processing. She is the author and the co-author of more than 160 research journals in national and international conferences and journals.
Dr. Ingrida Pliopaitė Bataitienė

Institution: Utena University of applied sciences, Department of Environment Protection Engineering. The area of my interests are: environmental radioactivity, migration of radionuclides in system soil - tree, indoor radon activities.
Sehad Kadiri

BSc. and MSc. graduated in University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mathematical-Natural Science, Department of Physics. Actualy PhD cand. at Polytechnic University of Tirana. Head of Radiation Protection Service - Institute of Occupational Medicine(2007 - continuing). Asistant in University of Prishtina, Faculty of Medicine (2010 - 2014)
Maria Demeter

Scientific Researcher at National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) from Romania. My works are related to the synthesis of polymeric hydrogels with electron beam and gamma radiation, as well as their physical and chemical characterization.
Radu Mutihac

Prof. Dr., University of Bucharest, Head of Medical Imaging Dept. Research: Neuroscience, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence. Postdoc: ICTP (Trieste), Ecole Polytechnique & Institut Henri Poincare (Paris), KU Leuven. Fulbright Grants: Yale University (New Haven) & University of New Mexico (Albuquerque). Research Associate: Johns Hopkins University & Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore), National Institutes of Health (Bethesda), and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Silver Spring).
Borjana Vranješ

I am a PhD student at Belgrade Universety of Veterinary medicine at the departmen of Radiology and Radiation hygiene. My main interests are radiobiologi,radiotherapy,radiation hygiene,radiation protection, radioecology, gama spectroscopy and X ray protection in radiography.
Jinshun Bi

Jinshun Bi received his Ph.D. from Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2008. Since 2008, he has been with Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as an associate researcher. His current research interests include silicon process technology and radiation effects of emerging devices such as FinFET, UTB FDSOI and resistive random access memory devices.
Popescu Roxana Cristina

I am currently MSc student in Micro and Nanomaterials at Politehnica University of Bucharest and working as an Engineer at "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Magurele, Romania. My research activity is focused on the design and development of nanoparticle-based systems for chemotherapeutic delivery and improved radiotherapy responses.
Irina Shtangeeva

My main research interests are biogeochemistry of trace and ultratrace elements of unknown biological significance, multivariate statistics and modelling of experimental data, neutron activation analysis.
Stoyan Papanov

Master Pharmacist, Master of Health Management, Doctor of Pharmacy, chief assistant.
Anna Grunina

Anna S. Grunina, Ph.D in Biology. Senior researcher of Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Research interests: fish genetics, genetic engineering, receiving the androgenetic nucleocytoplasmic hybrids, studying of genetic mechanisms of sex determination in fishes. Author about 60 scientific articles, head of research projects.
Ekaterina Petkova

Master physicist, Master of Health Management, MD, associate professor.
Elena Shishkina

- Senior Researcher of Biophysical Laboratory of Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine in Chelyabinsk, Russia (radiation dosimetry, environmental radionuclide distribution); - Senior Lecturer of Chelyabinsk State University (Radiobiology, Mathematical modeling in biology, Kinetics and thermodynamics of living systems)
Firass Ghareeb

Ph.D student at Biomedical Engineering,Porto University, Porto, Portugal. M.Sc. in Medical Physics. Researcher at Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto(IPO-Porto), Research Center, Porto, Portugal.
Olga Bockeria

Professor of Medicine Dr. Olga Bockeria has 18 years of professional experience. Her research interests include cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure and cardio-rehabilitation. Dr. Boсkeria received her MD degree at Moscow I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy, completed her clinical residency in Cardiology, completed her PhD doctoral thesis in 1999 and has been a professor of medicine since 2003. Dr. Boсkeria is the author of 400 scientific publications
Anna Selva

I am a PhD student at the Legnaro National Laboratories of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics. My main research interest is nanodosimetry, both experimental (data analysis for the Startrack nanodosimetric counter) and by means of Monte Carlo simulation.
Laima Nedzveckienė

I am PhD student in the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania. My research focuses on the investigations of man-made radionuclide accumulation (based on differentiated geochemical parameters) in the environmental samples of recreation zones.
Anibal Aguirre

Phd Student of the University of San Martín- Argentina. I work on Non-Ionizing Radiation measurement techniques, mainly in low frequency and RF-microwaves.
Labinot KASTRATI, PhD candidate at the University of Tirana- Faculty of Natural Sciences-Department of Physcis). Student of the Medical faculty at the University of Prishtina. I work as a Physicist at the Institute of Oncology (Department of Radiotherapy)at The University Clinical center of Kosova. My research Field is Biophysics and Medical Physics
Nataša Tomić – Petrović

Prof. Nataša Tomić – Petrović graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. She defended Ph.D. thesis entitled “A legal aspect of the protection system against ionizing radiation in Serbia”, and got doctoral degree at the Faculty of Law, U of Belgrade. She specialized in Law in Greece, Czech Republic and Belgium and today she is teaching Traffic Law, Maritime Law and Aviation Law as the Associate Professor at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at the U of Belgrade.
Anna Antsiferova

The Head of the Department of Metrology and Certification of Nanotechnology and Products of Nanoindustry of the NRC Kurchatov Institute. Graduated from Physics Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Currently doing research in Nanosafety with application of Nuclear Physical techniques.
Svetlana Sorokina

The aim of me work became the investigation of combined action of some immunomodulators (bendazol and calcium chloride) and food supplements (soybean meat, buckwheat, lettuce leaves and drug of fish oil) on cytogenetic damage, radiosensitivity, adaptive response, tumor growth and genomic instability on mice in vivo.
Lydia Bondareva

- Monitoring of natural radionuclides and mane-made (with tritium), pesticides and heavy metals from objects in the environment and its behavior; - Analysis of water samples for the main soluble compounds; - Study of physical and chemical forms of the existence of artificial radionuclides in the Yenisey River water; - Monitoring of the radionuclide content in water 99Ts of the Yenisey River and aquatic plants.
Valeria Hadjidekova , MD, DSc.

Professor of Radiobiology, NCRRP, Sofia. Scientific research in the field of: Health effects of ionizing radiation,Genotoxic hazards from low doses radiation, Biodosimetry of ionizing radiation individual radiosensitivity. E-mail:;
Dmitry Dementyev

Research scientist of Laboratory of Radioecology, Institute of Biophysics (Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Krasnoyarsk, Russia). The region of interests: ● migration and accumulation of radionuclides by living organisms in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems in the area affected by the nuclear facility ● radioecology ● environmental radioactivity ● gamma spectroscopy ● dosimetry.
Pasare (Tudor) Nicoleta Andreea

I’m a PhD Student at the University of Bucharest, Department of Medical Imaging, Romania. My main research interests are: magnetic resonance imaging, data minning, neurodegenerative diseases. In parallel I’m an Application Engineer at a medical equipment company. I am also trained in Konica Minolta AeroDR System, a digitization kit for analogue X-ray systems.
Kristina Bliznakova

Dr. Kristina Bliznakova has received MSc and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Patras. Main research fields are modelling and simulation of x-ray breast imaging techniques, development of anthropomorphic breast models, Monte Carlo methods, phase-contrast breast tomosynthesis. She is a leader of module 05 “The use of physical and virtual anthropomorphic phantoms for image quality and patient dose optimization” of the EUTEMPE-RX course.
Ludmil Tsankov

PhD in Nuclear Physics, Dept of Nuclear Engineering, University of Sofia Scientific interests: radiation measurement, radioactivity, cosmic rays, statistical data analysis
Laura Basiricò

I received the M.S. degree in Physics from the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, in 2008. In 2009, I joined the University of Cagliari with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering as the Ph.D student. I received the Ph.D. degree in 2012. Currently my research activity in University of Bologna concerns the study of a novel class of materials, i.e. Organic Semiconductors, as next-generation of low-cost and room temperature direct X-ray detectors.
Miryana Varbeva

Dipl. BSc and MSc Nuclear Chemist in Sofia University, Bulgaria. Since 2011 I have been working as a nuclear chemist in one of the leading Engineering companies in Bulgaria in the field of Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants. Along with working, I make a research in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy in Radioecology area. The main field of the research is based on the influence of rapid changes of basic climatic parameters on the radionuclide transfer from different soil types.
Alexander Dvornik Jr.

Research interests: radioecology, forest fires at radioactive contaminated areas,modeling of atmospheric pollution by radionuclides.
Dr. Gabriele Jovtchev

Division of Biomonitoring and Ecological Risk Assessment, Research Group “Genetic Monitoring”, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (IBER), BAS, Bulgaria Research interests: Cytogenetics, molecular genetics, Hordeum vulgare,; environmental mutagenesis, genetic ecotoxicology, adaptive response; epigenetics, evolution of histone methylation marks; karyotype evolution
Silvio De Luka

Professor at the Dept. of Pathophysiology, School of Medicine, Univ. of Belgrade, Serbia. Interested in the biological effects of static magnetic field (its effects on blood cells, tissue trace elements, heart rate and blood pressure variability...)
Biljana Vuckovic

Institution: University of Pristina, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. The area of my interests are: environmental radioactivity, radon in water, indoor radon activities.
Nikoghos Hovhannisyan

Professor, M.D. Sci.D. Date of birth: December 1, 1934. Deputy director on Science, Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine and Burns (Ministry of Health, Republic of Armenia). Over 400 publications.
Anahit Karapetyan

Date of birth: October 29, 1965. PhD, senior researcher, academic secretary in Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine and Burns (Ministry of Health, Republic of Armenia). Over 130 publications.
Vesna Župunski

I work as Research Associate at Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad. I gained PhD diploma in the field of Phytomedicine, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. One of my research interests is investigation of proteins that are involved in crop protection which are also considered as nutritional or anti-nutritional factors.
Jaroslava Budinski-Simendic

Polymers, Nanotechnology, Elastomeric materials, Rubber technology, Composite materials, Polymer rheology
Vesna Markoska

Mr. sci., got her Bachelor’s degree, while her master’s degree in year 2011 of MIT University, Faculty of management of Ecological resources in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Mr. Markoska is currently engaged in his PhD candidate, She currently employed at the MIT University, Faculty of management Ecological resources in Skopje. Mr. Markoska is engaged Temporaru Casulal Labour - expert in FAO. United Nations Department of Safety and Security- Undss Mr. Markoska has 14 publications.
Slobodanka Galovic

Vinca Institute of Nuclear Physics
Olga Jefanova

I am PhD student at State Research Institute Nature Research Centre in Lithuania. The area of my interests are: environmental radioactivity, radioecology, radiochemistry, ecotoxicology, genotoxicology, electrophysiology.
Milomir Milaković

Medical physicist International Medical Center Banja Luka Center for radiotherapy Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ljudmila G. Lioshyna

Senior Researcher, Dept.of Genetic Engineering, Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering NASU, Kyiv. Research interest - plant cell and molecular biology, biotechnology,influence of abiotic stresses on plant secondary metabolism. Author more than 50 scientific papers
Sergii Litvinov

Employment: Junior scientific worker of the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering NAS of Ukraine, Kiev. Current research interests: Radiobiological effects of chronic irradiation of living organisms. The epigenetic component of the adaptation processes of plants under influence of acute and chronic irradiation. Radiation induced genome instability. Radio stimulation of plant growth, development and productivity. Use of radiation exposure in biotechnology.
Alexander Stankov

Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Division of Biomonitoring and Ecological Risk Assessment, Genetic Monitoring RG; Research interests: Environmental mutagenesis, antimutagenesis, cytogenetcs, chromosome aberrations, micronuclei, comet assay, plant test-systems in vivo, genetic monitoring
Ruslan Spirov

Post-graduate student. Research interests: radioecology, dosimetry.
Igor Cheshik

Ph.D.(medicine), Head of Institute of Radiobiology NAS of Belarus Scientific interests: medicine, radiobiology
Wojciech Bulski

Wojciech Bulski, PhD Professor in medial physics at the Centre of Oncology in Warsaw, Poland. Head of the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory at the Medical Physics Department at the Centre of Oncology in Warsaw. Former Head of the Medical Physics Department (1998-2011). Activity: Dosimetry of ionizing radiation for radiotherapy and radiodiagnostics; Calibration of reference dosimeters and validation of dosimetry systems used in radiotherapy; Participant in RAD2013 and RAD2015.
Olga V. Bulko

Junior Researcher, Dept.of Genetic Engineering, Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering NASU, Kyiv. Research interests- plant biotechnology, tissue culture,genetic engineering, influence of abiotic stresses on plant secondary metabolism
Prof.D-r Blagica Cekova

Prof.Dr-Blagica Cekova the MIT University,Faculty of management Ecological resources in Skopje.Her master’s thesis was on the Synthesis of Zeolite Type 4A of Faculty of technology and metallurgy,Skopje.She received her PhD of Faculty of technology and metallurgy. Specialist studies of,Universitat Marthin Luthe,Germany.Her main scientific interest lies in the Synthesis of Zeolites and from Natural Raw Materials,and Biochemical Engineering She had puplished and presented 300 scientific papers.
Filip Jovanovski

Filip Jovanovski,student of Faculty of technology and metallurgy,University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia,Undergaduate studies and Food technology and biotechnology.Filip Jovanovski has 10 publications papers. Intersting:Biochemical Engineering.
Viktorija Bezhovska

Viktorija Bezhovska,student of Faculty of technology and metallurgy,University St.Cyril and Methodius,Skopje,Macedonia,Undergaduate studies and Chemical and Control Engeenering. Viktorija Bezhovska has 11 publications papers . Intersting:Nanotechnology and Zeolites.
Selma Milišić

Medical doctor, Sarajevo, Medical faculty of University of Sarajevo. My articles are about cystic fibrosis and pulmonary sequestration in children.
Amina Selimovic

PhD professor of Pediatrics at Medical faculty, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pediatric pulmonologist, Pediatric Clinica, University Clinical Center in Sarajevo
Rohit Mehra

Academic Interest: Physico-chemical investigations and the estimation of uranium and other heavy toxic metals in drinking water and soil samples for health risk assessments, Radon Pollution Studies in the Human Environment, Track etching and annealing studies in Minerals and applications in geothermal studies, Heavy ion radiation damage studies in track recorders, Radiation induced modifications in polymeric track detectors.
Abdulameer Kazem Farhood

Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulameer Kazem Farhood the purpose of the present work is to measure the radon concentrations in salt samples extracted from Samawa saltern – south of Iraq, using the active (RAD-7) technique, and hence knowing about the intake exposure of salt extraction workers to alpha particles from radon and its decay product, with a view to establishing their radiological risk.
Laith Mohanad Rasheed

Instructor Mr. Laith Mohamad Rasheed -I am working now in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Al-Muthanna University, Iraq. -I am now a member of a scientific researching team that is carrying out environmental studies especially in radiation pollution (radon pollution) I carried out many scientific researches (in the fields of radiation protection and physics of matter) that were published in international and Iraqi scientific periodicals.
Maxim Karetnkov

Dr. Sci. Phys.-Math., Duhov All-Russia Institute of Automatics. Applied nuclear physics and nuclear electronics, radiation detectors, remote radiation control of materials.
Asha Rani

Uranium Radon and natural radiaonuclides assessment in environmental samples and their dose assessment
Mirjana Pinjuh

Medical Physicist, work in University Clinical Hospital, Mostar-BiH. PhD student at University of Mostar-BiH.
Jevgenij Garankin

Engineer in Center For Physical Science And Technology, Nuclear research department
Nace Stojanov

I’m working at the Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics in Skopje, Macedonia, as a full professor. My research topics are simulation of ion-atom interaction, EIS analysis and electrochromism .
Petar Petrov

Assistant Professor Petar Petrov, M.Sc. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Resources Management, MIT University in Skopje. Major scientific interests include soil physics and chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and plants nutrition, influence of chemicals over the environment.
Bojan Mitrovski

Born in 1986 in Skopje. Agricultural engineer graduate and MSc at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje. Currently works as M.Sc. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Resources Management, MIT University in Skopje. Main interests and activies: Eco Business, Functional foods, Microbiology methods and modalities for assessment of food safety and Rural Development.
Svitlana Pchelovska

Research scientist in Dept. of Biophysics and Radiobiology, Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv. PhD in Radiobiology. Research interests – radiobiology, radioecology, ecology and environment protection, influence of radiation and other abiotic stresses on plants. Over 50 scientific works.
Elena Savchenko

The main field of research – radiation effects in model “ices” – Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, N2, O2 and their mixtures. Recent findings:  Discovery of new electronic mechanisms of defect formation and strong low-temperature post-desorption of pre-irradiated solids.  Creation of “frozen plasma” with high concentration of charged polynitrogen centers in N2 solids. New technique developed – Nonstationary Luminescence to probe charged species.
Aleksander Nikitin

I’m head of Radioecology Lab. in Institute of Radiobiology of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Our laboratory investigate behavior of man-made radionuclides in the natural ecosystems and agricultural lands. One of the main object of our research is exclusion zone of Chernobyl NPP. I will present our estimation of exposure doses from transuranic elements on wild animals and plants inhabit exclusion zone.
Jelena Tamuliene

Senior research fellow at Vilnius University, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy. Performing quantum chemical modeling and research of organic, metal-organic derivatives.
Burim UKA

Physicist at the University Clinical Centre of Kosova
Vojislav Antic

Nuclear medical techniques and technologies: -Improvement in processing and analysis of nuclear medical images -Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the aspects which have influence on the minimization of the radiation risk in medical application of ionizing radiation -Scintillation detectors for PET -Multimodality medical imaging and image fusion -Production of PET radiopharmaceuticals -Design of barriers for radiation protection
Tereza Hanušová

- clinical medical physicist in the Thomayer Hospital in Prague and research worker at the Czech Technical University in Prague - working towards a PhD in radiotherapy (thesis: Fluence complexity and IMRT verification)
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Ozan TEKİN

Dr. Hüseyin Ozan TEKİN working as academician in Uskudar University/TURKEY. His main reseach fields are Monte Carlo Simulations by using MCNP and Geant4. He also developing new approaches by using Monte Carlo Applications on Medical Imaging and Devices especially on CT / PET-CT and Mammography. He is the Head of Uskudar University Medical Research Center (ÜSMERA). He was researcher in Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) / Germany.
Tetiana Katrii

Last years we investigated questions why after certain disease return to normal life did not observed. In this study, we compare influence of IgG obtained from the patients with stroke in acute phase and past one year on activity of haemostasis.
Tuğba Manici

Postgraduate student in nuclear physics,also a researcher at Uskudar University Medical Radiation Research Center(ÜSMERA).Main research fields are Monte Carlo Simulation by using MCNP,data mining,ANNs.
Özlem Öztürk

Post graduate student in nuclear physics. Her scientific study fields are Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Structure,Monte Carlo simulation by Mcnp and Artificial neural networks. She is also researcher at Üsküdar University Medical Radiation Research Center (USMERA)
Barış Cavlı

Barış Cavlı is Radiographer and Regional Manager of Affidea in İstanbul, Turkey. He is also the head of Turkish Society of Radiographers (TMRT-DER). He has big experience on medical imaging especially on MRI and CT. Recently, he has some academic projects on medical imaging in Turkey. He also the leader of "Dose Excellent" project for reduce and control exposure dose and make control on radiation rates for medical imaging.
Umit Kara

Head of Medical Imaging Department in Suleyman Demirel Unv. (Dr.) Working Medical Imaging Protocols, Modelling, Measurements. In clinical Radiology, Nuclear Medicine. Phd in Radiation Oncology.
Ilma Robo

Department of Periodontology, Albanian University
Sanja M. Petrović

Working at Faculty of technology in Leskovac. I received a PhD degree in engineering. My field of interest is study about pigments and important biomolecules in general, its stability studies on oxidative stress caused by UVB, VIS irradiation, chemical and thermal stress, etc.
Prof. dr. ing. Octavian Ciobanu

Currently Professor at the Medical Bioengineering Dept. of “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Iaşi, Romania. Research activities in Ergonomics, Biomechanics, Biomaterials and 3D image processing. Over 150 papers, 12 books, and 7 patents. Grants: DAAD at the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, 2007; FULBRIGHT at the University of Colorado, Denver, U.S., 2006; NATO grant at the University of Pisa, Italy, 2002; TEMPUS IMG at the University of Poitiers, France, 1997.
Alicia Negron-Mendoza

I work at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico City. My main interest is radiation chemistry focused to problems related with the origin of life.
Ercan Yılmaz

Fabrication and characterization of semiconductor nanocrystals, Semiconductor nanostructures for microelectronics and photonics applications, Thin Films, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, RadFETs, Radiation sensors and dosimeters, Response Functions of Semiconductor Detectors, X-Ray, Monte Carlo Simulations, Biosensors, Temperature and Pressure sensors fabrication and Applications.
Mentor Ismaili

assistant of chemistry at the univeristy of Prishtina Faculty of Medicine
Farida Bentayeb, Ph.D

Professor - Department of Physics- Faculty of Science of Rabat, Morocco. Coordinator of Training in Medical Dosimetry. Main research interests: radiology, Radiotherapy and MNuclear Medicine.
Stanislav Vasilyev

γH2AX foci are well-known markers of DNA double-strand breaks in human cells. Spontaneous γH2AX foci form on unrepaired DNA DSBs, shortened telomeres and sites with altered chromatin conformation. The presence of such permanent γH2AX foci in cell is an important component of epigenetic background and potentially lead to the activation of DNA repair system. The objective of our study was to analyze the effects of spontaneous γH2AX level on radiation-induced response in human somatic cells.

Avni Berisha is Assistant Professor at the University of Prishtina (FNMS, Department of Chemistry), were his researches interests among others include: nanotechnology (formation of covalently bonded organic films on the surface of conductors and semi-conductors – 2D thin films), electrochemistry (corrosion) and quantum chemical calculations.
Miloš Vujisić

Assistant Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Main areas of interest: computational dosimetry, radiation effects in electronics and electrical components. Published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals since 2006.
Elif Ebru Altunsoy

Postgraduate student in nuclear physics,also a researcher at Uskudar University Medical Radiation Research Center(ÜSMERA).Main research fields are Monte Carlo Simulation by using MCNP,medical imaging and radiation protection by using Monte Carlo.
Irena Dimitrijevic

MSc Irena Dimitrijevic, specialist of physical and rehabilitation medicine works at the Institute for treatment and rehabilitation “Niska Banja”, Nis, Serbia. Her researsch focuses on the application of infrared thermography in medicine, especially in lumbosaclral radiculopathy and complex regional pain syndrome
Alexandra Cojocari

I activate in 2008 year in Scientific Laboratory Radiation Hygiene and Radiobiology. I am married, I have a child (3 year old). In the laboratory realize these objectives: Determination of Radon concentrations; study of the incidence of cancer diseases, including lung cancer in the Republic of Moldova; the immune status.
Peter Bossew

German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Berlin. Current main fields of work: Radon; Radio-ecology, in particular Fukushima; Monitoring networks; Stochastic modelling, geostatistics, mapping; Risk assessment
Natasa Djordjevic

Nataša Đorđević studies the disturbance redox homeostasis and the role of estradiol in ethiopathology and clinical manifestation of preeclampsia.
Gye-Nam Kim

- principal Researcher, in Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute 1.Removal of Uranium from Soil Using Full-Sized Washing Electrokinetic Separation Equipmentergy 2 Precipitation-Filtering Technology for Uranium Waste Solution Generated on Washing-Electrokinetic Decontamination
Đurđica Milković, PhD, MD

Head of Radiology department of Reference Center for Clinical Allergology in Children of the Ministry of Health- Children’s hospital Srebrnjak, scientific associate of Medical faculty of Zagreb, lecturer of Medical faculty of Zagreb. Field of interes in radiation protection- IRB Research in Japanese project in radiation protection
Svetla Maneva

Asoc. prof., PhD Dr in application of IT technologies and bio metrics in plant protection researches. Development of software package with statistical methods for analyzing of smal data sets with biological origin. mathematical modeling of processes related wit plant protection. Impact of heavy metal on plant pathogens development and the combined effect on plant growth.
Branislava Tenjovic

chemist and PhD student at University of Novi Sad, Serbia. I am interested in nuclear and radiochemistry.
Slavica Brkić

Associate professor and Head of Department of Physics Faculty of sciences and education University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching. The areas of her interest is nuclear physics, specifical teaching new areas and applying of new methods.
Ciobanu Gabriela

Professor PhD. Margareta Gabriela CIOBANU; „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi,Romania; Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection; Department of Organic, Biochemical and Food Engineering. Research on biomaterials.
Violeta Pintilie

I have been working in the Ionizing Radiation Laboratory for Public Health, Galati/Romania for 12 years. My research field is radioactivity measurements from water, air and food using radiochemical separations and gamma spectrometry, and my area of interest is the exposure of population to ionizing radiations.
Krzysztof Chelminski

Medical physicist involved in QA of radiotherapy by film dosimetry, thermoluminescence dosimetry, dosimetry audits etc...